Customer Feedback LargeAt Canadian Direct Insurance, we are sensitive to your needs and would like to hear any complaints you may have so we can serve you better. To quickly address any issues you may have, we have designed a simple customer complaint process. The process begins with contacting us at Canadian Direct Insurance. We believe most of your concerns can be successfully resolved by our staff who have both the training and authority to arrive at a solution. You can be assured that we will resolve your complaints as soon as possible.

What to do if you have a complaint or concern about procedures, compliance standards or any other matter.

We are committed to setting the highest customer service standards in the insurance industry. We hope you will give us the opportunity to correct any situation you may encounter that does not meet your expectations. If you have any concerns about a procedure, privacy or compliance issue, or have encountered a problem with our service, we want to know about it. To help resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently, you should contact one of the following:

Our Customer Service Department or Claims Department
President and Chief Executive Officer
Independent Body: General Insurance OmbudService
External Government bodies: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Filing a Complaint

If you have a complaint or concern, the first place to make it known is our Customer Service Department at 1-888-225-5234 or if your concern is claims related, our Claims Department at 1-888-261-8888. Staff are trained to do everything they can to correct the situation and to respond to complaints promptly. In most cases, one of our Supervisors or Managers should be able to resolve the problem. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact one of our Executives by leaving a message with our Supervisor or Manager.

The Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer

You may also choose to write to the office of the President and Chief Executive Officer. We will respond personally to all written complaints. You will receive an acknowledgement of your correspondence within five business days upon receipt. If necessary, we will initiate further investigation and respond as soon as possible.

The Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Direct Insurance Inc.
Suite 600
750 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 0A2

Independent Body

If you feel your problem is still unresolved, you can contact the General Insurance OmbudService by telephone or e-mail. A trained and experienced Consumer Services Officer will contact the insurance company on your behalf.

General Insurance OmbudService
Toll-Free: 1-877-225-0446
Web site: www.giocanada.org.

External Government Bodies - Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Federally-regulated financial institutions have certain legal obligations to consumers. Formed in October 2001, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) investigates complaints that relate to a possible violation of these legal obligations. The FCAC does not handle complaints involving product pricing; service quality; billing, advertising or contractual matters; or, other general service issues.

If, after contacting Canadian Direct Insurance, you remain concerned about a possible breach of legislation, you may contact the FCAC as follows:

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
6th floor, Enterprise Building
427 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 1B9

Toll-free telephone: 1-866-461-FCAC (3222)
E-mail: info@fcac-acfc.gc.ca
Web site: fcac-acfc.gc.ca

We're here to help you

At Canadian Direct Insurance, we are sensitive to your needs and would like to hear any concerns you may have, as it will assist us in serving you better.

Write, call, or contact us via the web at any time. Keep in touch and let us know what is on your mind. We're always ready to help.

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