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Do I need to sign my Declaration?

Both pages of the Insurer Copy of your new policy’s Declaration page and your policy renewal’s Declaration page should be signed and returned to us.  You retain the Client Copy for your records.  If changes are made to your policy during the policy term, the Declaration reflecting these changes does not need to be signed and returned.

More information about the new legislation is available from QP LegalEze on the Web at, under Insurance (Vehicle) Act. 

How can I be sure that this information will be kept confidential?

As a valued customer of Canadian Direct Insurance, we respect your privacy and are committed to keeping personal information about you strictly between us. Our Privacy Policy can be found on our Website’s home page. At Canadian Direct, we do not sell your information to telemarketers.

How else do these changes to the Regulations affect me?

During the term of your automobile insurance policy you are only required to contact us with updated information if the following details change(s)

  • Vehicle use
  • Postal code of the vehicle's "garaged at" location
  • Vehicle substitution (within 10 days of the change)
  • Mailing address (within 10 days of the change)
  • Any significant change of which you are aware in your status as a driver, owner, or lessee of a Described Automobile
  • Any change that might increase the risk of an accident or affect our willingness to insure you at current rates
  • Any change in information supplied in your Declaration of Automobile Insurance, such as additional drivers
    Please refer to your policy wordings for full details.

    I’ve had my auto insurance with Canadian Direct for many years. Why are you now asking for information about other drivers in my household?

    The provincial government recently made a number of changes to the legislation governing motor vehicle insurance in British Columbia.

    One of these changes affects the liability section of your policy and makes specific reference to “a person who is living with and as a member of the family of the owner of the vehicle.”

    The effect of this change is that neither we, the insurance company, nor you, the insured, are able to use the terms of the coverage to prohibit that person from using or operating the vehicle, nor exclude them from the coverage, nor provide different limits of coverage.

    In turn, this means that your Declaration page now needs to show the names of all licensed drivers in your household, whether or not they drive your vehicle.

    Given that we did not ask you for information about other drivers when you first insured your vehicle with Canadian Direct, we are now asking that you provide it to us by means of the questionnaire.

    Why are medical conditions of licensed drivers in my household included in Additional Information?

    Some medical conditions may affect the safe operation of a vehicle.  You do not need to tell us which driver has any particular medical condition stated in the Declaration – or what that condition is.  If there has been a recent change, simply answer “Yes” and we will follow up with you directly to obtain further information.  Please be assured that this information will be kept completely confidential.

    Unless there has been a recent change in medical conditions, which may affect the safe operation of your vehicle, you may simply respond “No” to these questions.

    Why does the latest policy document you sent me look different from last year’s?

    We have revised the Declaration page to present all of your information in a clear and concise format.  Your Declaration page contains all the information we use to underwrite your policy.

    Why has the Excess Liability coverage amount changed on my policy? I didn’t request a change.

    The liability limit remains the same; it is only the format that has changed. For clarification purposes, we have now detailed how liability coverage is shared between Canadian Direct Insurance and ICBC.

    Previously, the amount of Excess Liability that you purchased from us was added to the Basic Liability coverage amount provided by your ICBC Basic compulsory insurance limit of $200,000.  What was then displayed was the total of these two amounts.

    The premium that you pay Canadian Direct Insurance for your Excess Liability is only for the amount above the $200,000 ICBC Basic coverage limit.  The new format now displays the Excess Liability coverage amount that you have purchased from Canadian Direct Insurance. Not the combined amount.

    The comment “exclusive of ICBC Basic of $200,000” on the Declaration means that your total liability coverage is ICBC’s $200,000 plus the Canadian Direct limit displayed for Excess Liability.

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