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VISA or Mastercard

One annual payment due at the beginning of the policy term. If you choose this option, you can renew by:

  • Phone: you can call us using our automated renewal service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 604-516-8788 (BC Lower Mainland) or 1-866-516-8788 (remainder of BC) or 1-888-225-5234 (Alberta). Be ready to provide your policy number.

Low Fee Monthly Premium Plan

Direct Debit - (from Bank Account) The first installment plus a non-refundable $20 annual processing fee are due on the effective date of the policy. The remaining 11 installments will be withdrawn on a monthly basis. When it's time to renew your insurance next year, we will send you a Summary with your policy details. For your convenience, and to ensure no lapse in coverage, your policy will be renewed automatically.


Send us a cheque for the indicated premium at least two weeks prior to your renewal date to ensure no lapse in coverage. Please write your policy number on your cheque.

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How our Monthly Premium Plan Works

Unlike many other insurance companies, we do not charge interest on your insurance premium should you decide to pay on a monthly basis. Even with the $20 non-refundable processing fee, Canadian Direct Insurance still offers one of the lowest-cost monthly premium plans available in Canada.

When you choose our monthly premium plan, monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. Your first payment is 1/12th of the total annual premium. This amount and the $20 non-refundable processing fee are deducted on the issuance of your policy. The remaining payments are automatically withdrawn over the next 11 months.

To qualify for our monthly premium plan, your annual policy premium must be a minimum of $300.


Under our monthly premium plan, your coverage will be renewed automatically on the policy anniversary date. The first payment plus the $20 annual processing fee will be withdrawn from your bank account on the renewal date. This ensures no lapse in coverage and uninterrupted insurance protection. The remaining payments are then automatically withdrawn over the next 11 months.

Policy Changes

If you are on our monthly premium plan, and you make a change to your policy, the additional premium or refund will be applied evenly to the remaining installments.

Change of Bank/Financial Institution

Our monthly premium plan works with any Canadian bank, trust company or credit union chequing account. If you change your bank account or account number, please notify us as soon as possible to prevent any charges or lapse in coverage. We require 14 days notification of a change in banking details for it to take effect.


Your policy will be subject to cancellation if the bank returns your payment.

On the first instance, you will be notified in writing of the overdue account, and will be requested to make alternative arrangements to pay the monthly premium within 15 days to prevent the policy from being cancelled.

If your monthly premium becomes overdue a second time within a single policy term, your monthly premium plan will be revoked. You will be required to pay the remaining monthly payments in full by a certified cheque, money order or valid credit card.

In addition, we will recharge to you any costs incurred in respect of payment(s) returned by your bank.

How to Apply

Please complete the authorization form and return it along with your void cheque. Or fax both documents to us at 604-699-3860 (Lower Mainland) or 1-888-261-8880 (remainder of BC and Alberta).

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • I certify that the financial institution information provided is accurate. I agree to inform Canadian Direct Insurance of any change in the account information at least 14 days before the next payment date.
  • I acknowledge that my financial institution is not required to verify any information contained on the form.
  • Delivery of this authorization to Canadian Direct Insurance constitutes delivery by me to the financial institution indicated on the form.
  • This authorization will remain in effect until cancelled.
  • I am aware that my insurance policy will be automatically renewed unless otherwise advised by Canadian Direct Insurance under the terms of my policy or this monthly premium plan. If I do not want my policy to be renewed automatically, I agree to advise Canadian Direct Insurance prior to my date of renewal.
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